Buying the right pool cleaning supplies not only helps you keep your pool safe and hygienic,but also saves you a lot of cash by ensuring that you don’t end up spending your hard earned cash on a variety of other unnecessary supplies.
Read on to learn more about the main cleaning supplies you need to clean your pool,and ensure that you can enjoy it worry free.

Pool Shock
When your pool’s water is chemically balanced,it should not have any smell. However,if you discover that your pool has a unique smell,which means that the sanitizer levels are too low,then it’s time to take out your pool shock and use it on the water.
A calcium hypochlorite pool shock is great for killing bacteria and keeping your pool water clean. The pool shock should be used once every week or every other week,depending on how often you use the pool.

Water Test Strips
Before you even add chemicals to your pool to kill or prevent algae and bacteria from growing and spreading all over your pool,you will need to test the water first. To avoid having to drive to the local pool water testing facility every other time,it is recommended that you stock up on water test strips.
These strips are easy to use and reliable. All you need is to submerge them into the water for a few seconds and then use the accompanying color graduation scale to interpret the results of the test.

Algae Brush
The growth and spread of algae all over the surfaces in and around your pool can render your pool unusable. To combat the spread of algae you will need special tools designed for this specific job.
Use a stainless steel or nylon bristles pool brush to scrub algae off concrete and vinyl liner pools respectively. You can then use a manual vacuum to remove and all the scrubbed out algae,or any other debris,from the pool water.

Telescoping Pole
With a telescoping pole you can be able to reach all the corners of your pool without having to bend over or move around the pool. This pole,just like a traditional telescope,extends and retracts as needed. Since the pole also comes with interchangeable heads,you can use with a pool brush,manual vacuum or pool skimmer.

Filter Cleaner
Your pools filter plays a huge role in how clean and hygienic your pool is. With time,the filter accumulates dirt and grime,negatively affecting the efficiency of this essential pool component. Cleaning out the filter also helps reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of grey water.

Multipurpose Cleaner
It is important to remember that your pool is made up of many other surfaces above the water level. To ensure that it remains as clean as possible it is important that you wipe down all necessary surfaces,including the waterline and the ladder among others. If you don’t have the above supplies in hand,then keeping your pool clean and hygienic at all times will definitely be a challenge.