Hot tubs are one of the most decadent things we travel and one of the most often ordered. After all, the hot tub is a significant expense, and it will be a waste to leave it for anyone else to enjoy. Plus, after a long move, the hot tub is a perfect way to relax. It’s worth noting that carrying and packing a hot tub into a moving truck is not without its challenges. Moving a hot tub demands meticulous preparation due to its enormous weight, the technological ability required to drain and reconnect it from electric sources securely, and its acute susceptibility to jostling motions. e’ll make sure it’s delivered securely to your new home with the right planning, training, brainpower, and muscle. Hundreds of hot tubs have been moved by our Moving Consultants and transfer teams throughout southeast Michigan. Any of the most challenging initiatives have been devised, created, and implemented by us. Allow our Moving Consultant to make a transfer schedule and quote for you that eliminates your upcoming hot tub relocation stress and confusion. One of our Moving Consultants’ pre-move survey is the first phase toward a smooth Hot Tub Relocation. Our Moving Consultant can come to the current residence and the new place where the hot tub will be shipped. He’ll address questions and identify essential details regarding the relocation to plan for the necessary equipment and workforce.

Our Moving Consultant can go through the following items during the pre-move survey:

• The Make/Model – Since the hot tub structure varies too often, our Moving Consultant would need to know who the dealer or manufacturer is. The equipment kit, which includes the furnace, filters, compressor, blower, electrical, and plumbing units, can then be reviewed and identified. This will allow the Moving Consultant to investigate why the dealer suggests extracting the equipment bag, draining it, and loading it into a separate package. On the other hand, several hot tub designers advocate leaving the equipment pack connected to the hot tub cover. Any of this material is available by calling the manufacturer or distributor.

• Locate Potential Obstacles – Our Moving Consultant can determine when the hot tub will be shipped, both now and in the future. He’ll check for obstacles such as the deck railing, the backyard and side yard’s grade, and any landscaping that might block the hot tub’s loading or distribution. He’ll be able to create a transfer schedule once he has this detail, making sure to reserve the appropriate equipment and workforce for your particular transfer. Our Moving Consultant would likely notice potential problems or dangers that will render moving your hot tub more difficult and possibly result in property or scalding tub injury. If that’s the case, he’ll let you know about some possible moving methods we might use to limit the harm. Before the transfer, the Moving Consultant will require you to sign a consent request if the hot tub move is considered too difficult or dangerous. The consent form guarantees that you have been told of the possibility of injury to your property or hot tub and that will not be kept liable for any losses incurred during the transfer of your hot tub.

• Current Condition, Weight, and Value – Our Moving Consultant will assess the current state of your hot tub and find any wear or concern areas. The hot tub weight will help decide how many movers and pieces of machinery will be required to raise and mount it between pick-up and delivery. It’s also worth noting that is restricted to.60 cents per pound per article until you announce a higher published amount in writing before the transfer. You may buy a different relocation insurance package from a licensed 3rd party vendor, such as, with different valuation choices.

• Drain Check – Our Moving Consultant can ensure that your hot tub has been emptied or will warn you that it may need to be drained entirely before your transfer. If you haven’t done it before, you can either contact the dealer to make plans or get instructions about emptying it yourself. A hose bibb drain, which connects directly to a garden hose, is standard on most hot tubs. A hot tub typically holds around five to six gallons of water after draining. To avoid spilling and damaging the nearby carpeting or floor during the transition, use a wet-dry vac to drain the residual water.

• Consider Moving Season – When it comes to moving your hot tub, the season you want will significantly impact the scheduling and preparation. The state of the earth, for example, would have a significant impact on how the hot tub is removed or distributed. WWhen the ground is soft, our Moving Consultant can suggest that we make a walkway to and from your hot tub out of 3/4″ plywood. Often, if you’re going while freezing conditions are a possibility, a high-pressure cleaner can be used to drain the whole plumbing device.This will surely prevent the pipes from being damaged. This is not something you can want to achieve on your own. Instead, you can call your hot tub dealer for assistance with these facilities.

• Truck and Equipment Evaluation – As you know, each hot tub transfer presents its collection of challenges. For your specific hot tub, our Moving Consultant can order the necessary equipment and vehicle. A rolling trailer or a flatbed trailer may be used to haul your hot tub. To guarantee the fastest trip for your hot tub, both of’s moving trucks are fitted with air suspension.