You need to automate your business

Since the 90’s there have been lots of changes in terms of maximizing automation as opposed to re-engineering business processes. This has been aided by the fact that cloud computing has become more successful and there are more technological advancements now, which has hastened the development of business automation instead of re-engineering.
As your business grows, there will be a higher demand to perform more complex, repetitive and labor-intensive duties and as such your objective would be to automate as many manual procedures as possible.
The advantages of automating your business are as below
Decreased Costs- manual activities which are done singularly at a time and slower than automated tasks cost more thus automation will allow you to do more while also ensuring you use fewer resources.
Diminished turnaround times – automation of workflow enables companies to streamline and thus define their business procedures and processes. Process steps can also be realigned in an effort to optimize information flow during the entire production process, service department, billing and finally the collection departments among others. This alteration of processes refines your overall operational performance and decreases the turnaround times both for external customers and staff.
Improved reliability and governance- automation of business processes comes with a consistency that gives you security in the ability of your processes to operate and your ability to provide dependable processes to your clients, giving you a competitive advantage. The dependability of automated workflow ensures that processes which are important for corporate governance are performed in accordance with legislation 100% of the time.
Enhanced efficiency of operations- efficiency is the degree to which effort, time and cost are productively
applied for the designated purpose or task. Automation of business processes thus reduces the duration it takes to complete a task, the effort needed to perform it and the cost of successfully completing it. Not only does it make sure systems run more efficiently and smoothly, but it also eliminates errors ensuring your best operations are consistently leveraged.
Metric clarity- sustained success of a business is very dependent on creating and implementing a strategy that is superior. Preserving your competitive advantage needs you to keep observing, analyzing and altering that strategy, which all depends on access to business data that is accurate and up-to-date. Automated processes are governed by workflows that are defined and operate consistently and accurately not to mention within your specified timeline. Automation gives the formula of requirements needed for successful measurement. Depending on the processes you have decided to automate be it support, finance or sales, key metrics can be documented and reported on giving you the essential information you need.
Saves time- manual tasks take a longer duration of time as they are continuously performed by people who are prone to error and unable to constantly perform up to standard. Automation decreases the number of tasks that staff and you would need to perform manually and thus completely eliminating unnecessary tasks that do not provide any income allowing staff to work on tasks that generate revenue. This also allows for more time to be more innovative thus boosting your employees’ morale. Automation also increases productivity by allowing you to do more in the same amount of time.
Better quality and enhanced consistency- customers or clients who are constantly getting high-quality products as well as great customer service from you will definitely be happier and more loyal to you. Improved consistency as a result of automation may come from customers constantly getting the same level of service from the business if you have for example an automated follow-up process for your customer service. As for better quality, this comes from the fact that automation will provide an identical performance of tasks, giving rise to reliable, high-quality results. This assurance of consistency and quality in addition to efficiency and time saving will mean that you’ll be able to develop products that are of higher quality and have more features with production time and cost suffering little to no increase.
Enhanced organization- automation seamlessly distributes information, for example for a specific project such that you do not have to search for it across various systems. Automation makes sure that information is sent where it is needed automatically ensuring your data is current and saving your team time looking for it.
Streamlined communication- in reference to organization, when your information is not where it is supposed to be it will be hard to find the right information needed. When this becomes the case and a client calls you in need of information concerning their project they might get poor customer service in the event that they have to wait for a long time for the information to be found. Automation centralizes communication between various departments providing easier access to project status reports and previous client interactions with the entire team. This will ensure that when a client calls, whoever will answer the call can quickly help them and answer their queries.
Enhanced Accountability- Business Automation takes human error into consideration by having a digital paper trail for an entire operation kept in a specific place. This increases accountability for everyone’s actions across various systems in the company.
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